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Director Wray Addresses FBI NORFOLK CAAA Partnership

20 Feb 2023 8:30 AM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

On February 15, 2023 Director Wray met with local law enforcement to address violent crime and partnerships. During the media event, Director Wray spoke about the partnership with the FBI Norfolk CAAA and recognized it with an award for the many things it does to support the local field office and the FBI as a whole. Several board and chapter members were in attendance and also had some free time to speak with the Director before the event. Photos will be posted in the alumni area.  

The complete article can be read here:  https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/norfolk/news/fbi-director-visits-norfolk-field-office-addressing-violent-crime-and-community-partnerships?utm_campaign=email-Immediate&utm_medium=email&utm_source=norfolk&utm_content=%5B1565930%5D-%2Fcontact-us%2Ffield-offices%2Fnorfolk%2Fnews%2Ffbi-director-visits-norfolk-field-office-addressing-violent-crime-and-community-partnerships 

FBI Norfolk CAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

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