• 17 Feb 2024 1:58 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    The CAAA held its annual Kickoff Dinner on February 10, 2024 at the Virginia Wesleyan University in the Boyd Dining hall area. The event was attended by 40 members and guests and featured SAC Dugan presenting on the past year in review with the FBI and a look ahead to the many things planned for community outreach with the FBI Norfolk CAAA. There was the usual "White elephant" gift exchange which has proven to be very entertaining and fun. 

    The Warren Thrush Volunteer Achievement Award this year was presented to Ms. Cynthia Bell for her outstanding service during the 2023 calendar year.

    The evening was rounded out by our CAAA President giving a year in review of all the things we as a chapter had accomplished. from the many outreach events we supported , to the LE Symposium,  and with us receiving our 7th in a row award for Chapter Excellence in Operations. The event was a fun time for all and well received. We hope that many more of you will join us in the future at this great event. 

    Pictures from the event can be found in the Alumni section. 

  • 2 Aug 2023 3:04 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    A news article by WAVY TV 10, on the Future Agents in Training program that is hosted every year by the FBI and supported by the CAAA.


  • 2 Aug 2023 2:58 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    During the FBI National CAAA Leadership conference held June 28-30, 2023,  in Boston, Massachusetts, the Norfolk FBI CAAA received its 6th award in a row for Chapter Excellence in Operations. 

  • 1 Aug 2023 1:40 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    During a July 26 keynote at the FBI Atlanta Cyber Threat Summit, Director Christopher Wray warned that cybercriminals are weaponizing artificial intelligence—and the resulting threat will only worsen as machine-learning models become increasingly sophisticated. 

    Wray also explained that the FBI’s authorities under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, enable our efforts to combat international cybercriminals. He identified 702-powered successes and stressed the urgency of reauthorizing that portion of the federal law. 

    Complete story:  https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/fbi-director-lays-out-bureau-s-stance-on-artificial-intelligence-at-cyber-threat-summit?utm_campaign=email-Immediate&utm_medium=email&utm_source=stories&utm_content=%5B1659776%5D-%2Fnews%2Fstories%2Ffbi-director-lays-out-bureau-s-stance-on-artificial-intelligence-at-cyber-threat-summit

  • 20 Feb 2023 8:30 AM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    On February 15, 2023 Director Wray met with local law enforcement to address violent crime and partnerships. During the media event, Director Wray spoke about the partnership with the FBI Norfolk CAAA and recognized it with an award for the many things it does to support the local field office and the FBI as a whole. Several board and chapter members were in attendance and also had some free time to speak with the Director before the event. Photos will be posted in the alumni area.  

    The complete article can be read here:  https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/norfolk/news/fbi-director-visits-norfolk-field-office-addressing-violent-crime-and-community-partnerships?utm_campaign=email-Immediate&utm_medium=email&utm_source=norfolk&utm_content=%5B1565930%5D-%2Fcontact-us%2Ffield-offices%2Fnorfolk%2Fnews%2Ffbi-director-visits-norfolk-field-office-addressing-violent-crime-and-community-partnerships 

  • 14 Feb 2023 7:05 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    This years Annual Kickoff Meeting and Dinner was held on February 11, 2023 at the Boyd Dining hall on Virginia Wesleyan  University campus. There were 42 people in attendance.

    SAC Brian Dugan gave a report on the state of the Norfolk FBI office and the many things that had occurred during the year. He thanked the FBI Norfolk CAAA for their support during the tragic event in November at the Chesapeake Walmart and expressed how thankful the FBI staff was to see us there and talk with us.

    A white elephant event was held and everyone involved had a great time and laughed at the many antics that occurred.

    President Al Kaste conducted the business meeting and talked about the many things that we as an organization did during the previous year and where we fell short.

    The evening was wrapped up with the presentation of the Warren Thrush Volunteer Achievement award for exemplary service during 2022. This years awardee was Randy Plotkin for his tireless efforts to get the chapter on the Wild Apricot platform and to teach others this system and maintain our Office 365 system. His many long hours, dedication, and willingness to help all has moved the chapter ahead.

    Pictures of the event are in the Alumni area. 

    The Officers and Board would like to thank everyone who attended and made this a wonderful evening.    

  • 4 Jul 2022 8:38 AM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

    The "SAVE THE DATE" emails for the LE symposium will be going out either later today or tomorrow. 2 emails, (1 for LE, and 1 for CAAA members) will announce the date and the forthcoming registration information. Currently working to get another speaker to replace one that had to cancel. Looking to schedule the next Committee meeting within the next 2 weeks so we can get more details finalized. All is looking ok so far. Working on SWAG as well for the event and should be a good one this year. 

  • 2 Jul 2022 3:56 PM | Randy Plotkin (Administrator)

                  We recently hosted and completed the FBI National Leadership Conference here in Norfolk. It was a fantastic event and well received by 52 of the chapters that attended. There were many great meetings and breakout sessions held across the 3 days of the event and lots of friends were reunited and new friends made. 

     Some of the evenings events included a get together on the USS Wisconsin and  performances by the Hurrah players, a musical performance at Selden arcade by BJ Griffin, and an awards ceremony where our chapter earned another chapter of excellence award. Stay tuned for more information and pictures on this great event to be posted! 

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